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Ronen Manor Law Offices & Notary was established in 1999 by Adv. Ronen Manor. 

Manor Law Firm offers a complete range of legal services for all types of businesses, corporate and non-corporate organizations and individuals, and specializes in a variety of fields in commercial and civil law in Israel, Inter alia, commercial and civil litigation, arbitration's, legal services to commercial Companies, contracts and real estate, inheritance law, Israel Lands Administration, bankruptcy and insolvency, collection and Execution.

The firm also specialize in the rural sector, including Moshavim, Kibbutzim and Cooperative societies. The firm delivers prompt, personal, high quality and cost effective legal services both to Israeli and International clients.


Practice Areas


Collection & Execution

Business & commercial


Inheritance Law


Real Estate



Adv. Tal Shanzer

עורך דין יניב כהנוביץ

Adv. Yaniv Cahnowitz

עורך דין רונן מנור

Adv. Ronen Manor

עו"ד טל שנצר

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